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Hi there, my name is Peter Hawke, but you can call me Pete.

I am a wedding and portrait photographer located in Cremorne, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. I photograph weddings and portraits in the Sydney area, up the NSW coast, and down on the Southern Highlands. I also like to shoot the odd wedding overseas when the opportunity arises. Although every wedding and portrait session is fun, I enjoy myself the most when I work with couples who inject their personalities into their wedding day or portrait session – I say bring on the interesting outfits, florals, materials and stories. I think that DIY elements are awesome!

Pete in a nutshell: I grew up in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and in summer you can usually catch me in the water at Balmoral Beach or Freshwater. I’m tall / a coffee lover / a gin drinker / an Australian outback explorer / an ex-geologist / and I like to travel.

In addition to wedding photography, I offer couples an affordable solution to their wedding cinematography desires, where I team up with some of my friends to offer combined solutions to wedding photography and cinema. Together, we are a nimble team that focuses on capturing honest, genuine imagery of you on your wedding day. To see some sample wedding films, visit my Vimeo page here.

Rather than trying to book about 3 weddings every weekend, I choose to only take on one couple at a time, so that I can give you the attention you deserve. I work with you from start to finish in achieving complete documentation of your wedding with beautiful, creative wedding photography. I am the type of person that emails clients with thoughts and ideas in the lead up to their wedding day or portrait session that helps to make their day unique and special. Get in touch with me – I always go the extra mile for my clients!

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A little introduction...
Photographer Pete is an independent wedding and portrait photography studio. I am all about capturing your wedding day with clean, honest, and genuine wedding photography that reflects who you are as a couple. I like to think that my images are fun and fresh. I am organic in my approach, and I know that most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Don’t worry - we’ll go for a walk, talk about stuff, and have some fun along the way.

I like to think that I approach your wedding day or portrait session differently than other studios. I like to meet couples at the time of booking so we get to know a little bit about each other. I like to try and understand more than just your requirements - I want to know what photography means to you!

How do I describe my style?
I'd regard myself as an environmental portraitist. I am not a fan of working in a studio. I find studio photography a bit stale. My background as a geologist lends to living a life in the outback - out under the sun and in natural landscapes. Further, I think that most people are also more comfortable outdoors - be it in a favourite park, at the beach or in your own garden. So why not photograph you enjoying what you like to do and where you are most comfortable? I much prefer to join you out-and-about somewhere under the afternoon sun.

I carry the same environmental process into wedding photography. I would much rather have you enjoy yourself on your wedding day, taking the time to have some fun with your new life partner in your element, and forget all about me. The less your wedding is about capturing photos, the better your wedding photography will be!

How do I achieve a candid, natural style?
Have you heard of the proverbial (or literal) photographer in the bushes? Quite often some of the best photographs come from hiding away out of sight.

I encourage moments and spontaneity rather than static images. I promote individualism and uniqueness. I choose interaction and connection over technicalities, any day of the week.

I'm a bit of a "run-and-gun" shooter. I use multiple cameras, and I always have a camera at the ready to capture the unexpected - your partner helping you climb a fence, make your way up a steep hill, or helping you with your wedding gown. These moments sometimes make the best memories - the ones that represent how you both interact with one another. I tend to get the shots I need by observing and documenting what I see. That smirk, laugh or tear... Just be yourself and have fun – remember that I am here to make you look great!

What makes me different?
I am a professional, independent, creative wedding and portrait photographer. You’re not hiring a bland, generic business that books numerous weddings every weekend to reach sales targets! Here, you’re talking to a person who promotes individuality. I meet all clients before booking and you get to know me before you engage my services. I always go the extra mile for my clients, and I’m sure that you are going to enjoy working with me!

Nick looking a little anxious - Neutral Bay, 2016