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In a digital era, where Facebook and Instagram dominate, precious photographs that are meaningful to you can get lost. It’s important to display key memories from your significant life stages in your home. I encourage all couples to take home something tangible from their wedding day, to help them cherish the memories they created together. I offer bespoke wedding albums, frames and Master fine-art photographic prints from highly-awarded professional photographic labs in Australia and New Zealand.

Product overview



There's nothing like an album for carefully curating dozens of photographs in the one place. As time goes on, albums are the item that will make it out each year on your wedding anniversary, and at those family occasions reminiscing. We produce all of ours lovingly by hand.

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There is no better way to decorate the walls of your home with beautifully printed, mounted, and framed memories of your best moments. Framed images mean you are reminded of your times with family and friends every day. Everything is included: print, frame, and construction; ready to hang.

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Linen & glass USB boxes

For that special place to store your USB and beautiful printed images, a linen or glass presentation box is the perfect home. Boxes are made in Australia and protect your master-fine art prints and matte art prints from dust. The boxes make a treasured heirloom that one day will be passed on to your grandchildren.


Master fine-art & matte-art prints

Photography starts in the camera, but it ends with the print. Our prints are where the magic really lives. All the efforts of camera and lens selection, calibration, profiling, soft-proofing and colour management is delivered to you in the final printed product. Although we start with the camera, the end vision is always the print.

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An old favourite with many clients, the image is printed onto a premium natural cotton canvas, and coated with a protective spray that will add years to the life of something designed to last generations.


Every album is completely bespoke and made to order. Nothing is pre-manufactured. Handcrafted workmanship ensures that your album is constructed to last for generations. All albums arrive boxed and wrapped.

Premium overlay-matted albums

Price guide $1490 +
Printer type Matte art or traditional
Paper weight 300gsm
Mount type Overlay or duo combined
Colour gamut Wide
Considerations Stunning presentation, more durable than master fine-art. The most unique and highly awarded albums in the world.

Master Fine-Art albums

Price guide $990 +
Printer type Pigment ink jet
Paper weight 150-300gsm
Mount type back-to-back archival
Colour gamut Widest available
Considerations Highest print quality in an album, largest colour range available, suitable for handling with care.

Lay-flat flushmount albums

Price guide $700 +
Printer type Matte art
Paper weight 130gsm
Edges available Straight
Colour gamut Acceptable
Considerations Stunning presentation using traditional printing technologies makes these the most popular albums industry-wide.

Premium overlay-matted and duo-mounted albums

My premium overlay-matted and duo-mount albums are hand made in New Zealand from the world’s finest album producer. Constructed from the finest raw materials, these albums are truly breathtaking to the touch.

My premium albums are in an overlay-matted style; where every photograph printed, hand trimmed, carefully placed on heavy page mounts, and finished in ivory matt board. All pages are completely lay-flat. Premium albums can be produced in any finishing cover you choose, and look amazing in genuine leathers.

And for those who want the absolute premium end of wedding heirlooms, upgrade to our duo-mount albums – adding flip pages and wing spreads to the design; elevating the final story that is told in your album to the highest level. The sample films below demonstrate the quality and attention to detail.

Master fine-art albums

My master fine-art albums follow careful procedures shown below (read more), and are hand made in the workshop to the highest standards possible. Using the pigment ink jet print technology, the colour gamut is the widest available, and allows for the finest details in photographs.

Each album is hand constructed using fine-art cotton matte paper stock. The pages are sandwiched with archival adhesives back-to-back that makes the finished page thickness delicately thin at 1mm.

Lay-flat flushmount albums

Our starting point for professional albums, the flushmount lay-flat photographic album is a classic amongst client choices. Regardless of its lower entry point, our lay-flat albums still utilise the same high quality colour-managed workflow as our other products.

These albums use a matte art printing technology, produced with archival adhesives. This presents stunning double page spreads on single sheets. Each page is thick and ready to be loved and shared over for generations. Lay-flat albums are completed in a range of stunning linen, pseudo leather, or leather materials.


A beautifully printed, mounted, and framed wall piece from my lab partner is a lovely way to decorate your home, to remind you of memories you created together. Framed products are available in all printing technologies (read more). My frames are contemporary and are suitable to hang anywhere. They are subtle and blend in with your home.

The finished print will be carefully mounted to board with archival adhesive, then framed in Italian-sourced mouldings with a lightweight acrylic glazing that protects your finished picture. Available with, or without an ivory matte card. All frames have hangers on the back ready to go. I can also advise on gallery-standard hanging heights.

The images below show samples of frame colour, mounting options, and general inspiration for how my framed products look once they are in their homes.

Printing technology

Professional-quality photographic products are the result of lifetimes of research and development in colour science, colour management, printing techniques, paper makeup and the dedication from labs to get the best out of an image.

We base all our professional products around three printing technologies. Each printing technology uses a combination of various methods and paper stocks to deliver the ideal finished result, and unbelievable colour reproduction.

Master Fine-Art

Price guide $$$
Printer type Pigment ink jet
Handling suitability Most delicate
Paper weight 150-300gsm
Edges available Straight or hand torn
Colour gamut Widest available
Considerations Highest quality available in the marketplace, largest colour range available, however due to delicate inks master fine-art prints are best suited to albums, frames or wall pieces.

Matte Art

Price guide $$
Printer type Dye ink jet
Handling suitability Handle with care
Paper weight 150gsm
Edges available Straight or hand torn
Colour gamut Wide
Considerations Great all rounder, stunning flat matte appearance, more affordable and durable than master fine-art, however offers less colour precision. Suitable for albums, wall pieces and handling with care.


Price guide $
Printer type Silver halide & chemical
Handling suitability Tough and durable
Paper weight 130gsm
Edges available Straight
Colour gamut Acceptable
Considerations The same nostalgic Kodak Professional paper stock you are familiar with, slightly shiny to really shiny surface. Image inside emulsion of paper, developed in photographic chemistry, washed and dried. Results in stunning yet durable print, ideal for albums, wall pieces, handling and sharing.

Master fine-art

Many people mistaken “fine art” printing to simply mean ‘printing on thick rustic paper’, but these cheaper alternatives are basically printed using large photocopier machines, on to business card paper. This leads to limited print quality and a shorter lifespan.

When I say “master fine-art”, I mean it. Fine-art pigment inks are utilised in a specifically designed ink jet printer that has been meticulously calibrated to the paper and ink, and colour managed using ICC printer profiles. The pigment inks (sometimes referred to as Giclée) are laid on top of the premium 300 gsm paper stock. Larger images are then coasted with a transparent sealant to protect the print. The procedure expertly delivers stunningly detailed master fine-art photographic prints that will last well over 100 years if properly cared for. My fine-art prints are worthy of being in an art gallery, and hence are given the name “Master fine-art”. I have personally visited our partner labs to see this workflow in action, and can tell you that the creators behind the machines are artists unto themselves.

Matte art

Like master fine-art, our matte-art prints are produced using the same colour-managed workflow as per all of our prints, however a dye ink process is substituted that allows the inks to soak into the paper stock surface. This results in a tougher print that is more suitable to regular handling. These prints are completely matte in appearance that give an artful appearance suitable for albums, wall pieces and loose prints alike.

Traditional photographic printing

‘Traditional photographic printing’ utilises a standard chemical process that is produced on silver halide light-sensitive paper. The photograph is emulsified in the paper, which is formed by silver crystals and ink dyes, then developed in photographic chemistry. The resulting image is stunning, durable, and ideal for prints that are going to be handled regularly. Whilst many retail store photo labs (such as your local camera shop) sell these products, the deference is that your local retail stores utilise an economic version of this process. My traditional professional prints are still completed using a colour-managed workflow, and are printed with detailed print settings the preserve the clarity and colour spectrum in the print, which gives a higher quality result.