In a digital era, where Facebook and Instagram dominate, precious photographs that are meaningful to you can get lost. I think that it's important to display key memories from your significant life stages in your home. Whilst I’m not the type of person up-sell on you on photographic products, I do encourage all couples to take home something tangible. I offer bespoke wedding albums from the world's finest album manufacturer.

I present to you my Queensberry Albums...

Queensberry Overlay Matted Album


My Queensberry albums are hand made in New Zealand – constructed from the world’s finest raw materials. What distinguishes a Queensberry album is the human touch… these albums have been beautifully hand made since first produced by the Baugh Family in 1969.

Every Queensberry album is completely bespoke and made to order. Nothing is pre-manufactured. Handcrafted workmanship ensures that your album is constructed to last for generations. One of my favourite things about visiting my Grandparents’ home was to find their old photographs. My albums are produced using the same high-quality materials to last the test of time, so you can hand them down to your children and grandchildren.

My albums are in an overlay matted style, where every photograph is framed in ivory matt board. All pages are completely lie-flat.

  • 10 x 14 inches
  • Heavy (4mm thick) pages
  • Embossed genuine leather covers

I hope that you will recognise the quality and attention to detail that resides in my albums from the below sample films and images. I cannot wait to show you some sample albums in person so that you can feel the Queensberry difference. I think that you will love them as much as I do!


In addition to albums, I offer professional photographic enlargements to help you frame and display your memories – all produced by Queensberry. All products retain the same high quality individualism that is found in my albums.