Wedding day cinema is a lovely way to document your wedding, and adds a nice set of films to your wedding package.

Have any of you ever watched a traditional wedding video more than once? I thought not... which is why I steer clear of traditional films, and instead offer something more contemporary. The films that we produce are designed to be entertaining. We use timeless tunes, the best of your spoken vows, and all the emotional content to tell the story of your wedding.

When combined with wedding photography, the cinema add-on provides couples with an affordable solution to creative coverage. Wedding films follow my organic approach and are presented in a fun style that also showcases the most important parts of your nuptials. The Mini-movie edit (15 mins) is designed to be enjoyed repeatedly with your family and friends, and the highlights reel (4 mins) is a lovely shorter snapshot of the day.

Sample films are below (more on Vimeo here).
Pricing is found over here.

Michelle and Craig at Peppers Manor House.