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For all bookings and enquiries, please submit the below form or contact me using the details on this page. If you would like to schedule a call, please do so using the link shown below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Who are you?

My name is Peter Hawke, but you can call me Pete. I am an independent creative who practices natural wedding photography on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Where are you located?

I am located in Beacon Hill, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. From here it’s easy to get to weddings in and around Sydney, up the Peninsula to the Central Coast and Hunter Valley, and down to the Southern Highlands. It is also very easy to get to Canberra, and I’m usually in the Nation’s capital a few times a year.

Will you travel interstate for our wedding, portrait session or commercial project?

Yes, absolutely! I usually shoot about 15 weddings each year in regional NSW. I am also more than happy to travel around Australia, as I have done for many years.

What is the booking process for weddings?

Thanks for asking! The process is very easy and can be completed from the comfort of your home. Here is an overview:

  1. Please make an enquiry using the above form or schedule a call using the above link. I will provide you with our availability. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have.
  2. I think it’s important for clients to have at least a quick call or discussion with me at the time of booking because it’s great to put a face to the name. We can arrange either a discussion over the phone, via Zoom or in person. This presents another great opportunity to ask questions. Additionally, we can help with any planning related queries you have.
  3. Once you have decided to book, we require a 20% deposit to confirm our availability for your wedding date. This precludes us from offering our services to others. We also require you to review and sign our standard terms and conditions of booking, which we will provide you at that time.

The Studio

What makes you “creative”?

Creativity is subjective, but by “creative wedding photography”, I mean interesting, fun, and ‘non-traditional’. I try and challenge what others do with the camera by finding interesting angles. I find inspiration in the environment. For many years I benefited from travelling across Australia, visiting remote and disconnected places. These locations have unique attributes that are generally not found elsewhere. I search for this uniqueness or ‘defining’ attribute and try to showcase these attributes in my photographs.

What equipment do you use?

The truthful answer is that I will use anything at my disposal to get ‘the shot’. I trust Canon camera equipment. For wedding photography and portraits, I shoot with multiple full-frame cameras and a mix of Canon prime and zoom lenses.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have $20 Million in public liability insurance, and also equipment insurance for all of my camera equipment. I can provide certificates of insurance on request.

Do you offer wedding films?

I understand that couples often want to remember their wedding day with both photography and video. Our wedding films aim to provide a consistent package neatly managed in studio, that facilitates an effortless solution for our clients. The video coverage overlaps the photography, which keeps things nice and simple. You get creative, natural wedding photographs and wedding films, for an affordable price.

How do we print our photographs?

Your final photographs are ready for printing. They will be provided at 300dpi in their maximum sizes available. When you receive your images you can take them wherever you like to have them printed. However if you would like those favourite images professionally printed on matt-art or fine-art paper and printed using a colour-managed workflow, I also offer professional prints, enlargements and albums. Information can be 
found on this page. As part of your package, we include direct access to our partner labs. This makes the process effortless.

Do you produce wedding albums?

Yes. Firstly, I offer several album styles that fit all budgets. Regardless of the price, all albums that we produce are handmade in Australia or in New Zealand and all albums are completely bespoke. We support artesian print labs in their craft because they simply produce stellar results. Secondly, all albums are printed using colour-managed professional workflows. This means that you won’t get any surprises when you receive your albums, and the beautiful orange sunset will remain true in your heirloom for years to come.

I offer stunning hand-made albums from Atkins Pro Lab – Australia’s oldest family-owned professional photographic lab. And for those who want the premium end of wedding albums, I work with the world’s finest album manufacturer – Queensberry. Whilst these albums are an investment, they are truly unique. For more information on wedding albums, read more on this page. If you are interested in a wedding album, they are included in my ‘Digital Collection + Album’ package, 
here, or also available separately after your wedding or portrait session.

Will you photograph our wedding or will you organise someone else to do it?

I photograph all weddings myself. The idea behind working with me is that you get my style.

Do you use a second photographer or assistant?

Generally no, however, it depends on the requirements. I’ve realised that most clients are actually better off with just one photographer. If you choose to add wedding films, I photograph your wedding with a videographer – side by side. We seamlessly work together to capture everything. After years of experience, it turns out you don’t need a team of photographers to do the job that I can do on my own.

Your wedding

We are camera-shy people. What can you do to help us with this?

The reality is that most people are uncomfortable in front of a camera. My wedding photography shooting style is organic. We go for a walk, talk about stuff, and capture you enjoying yourselves. Just be you. I will tell you if something doesn’t look good in camera. I’ll capture a few “mantle-piece” shots for mum and dad, and then we have some fun with you and your bridal party.

How many photographs will we receive after our wedding?

In simple terms I have an average shooting rate of around 90-125 photographs per hour. We shoot a lot of frames on a wedding day, but as you can imagine people sometimes blink in photographs or the frame does not work compositionally. I cull all the bad shots and provide you with all good photographs from the day. This approximates to anywhere between 650 and 1000 images. All images are edited by hand to provide a unique collection (there are no edited doubles).

Do we need to provide you with a meal?

That would be brilliant! We like to have a short break just before or around the time that you are having your mains, this way I’m ready to continue shooting once you are ready.

What are your thoughts on guests also bringing their cameras?

Of course it’s OK! Most guests at your wedding will have a smartphone and will take a selfie with you. If you are thinking of discouraging guests from taking photos during the ceremony, consider having an “unplugged wedding”. This way guests are focused on celebrating with you and not focused on their cameras.