• Who, or what, are you?
My name is Peter Hawke, but you can call me Pete. I am an independent natural wedding photographer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

• Any relation to Bob Hawke?
Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve been meaning to investigate possible links to the great P.M. (the only obvious resemblance, is that we both like to drink beer – though I think he has a greater love for a schooner than I do).

• Where are you based?
I am located in Beacon Hill, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – about 50 minutes from the Sydney CBD. From here it’s easy to get to weddings in and around Sydney, up the Peninsula to the Central Coast and Hunter Valley, and down to the Southern Highlands.

• What makes you “creative”?
Creativity is subjective, but by “creative wedding photography”, I mean ‘non-traditional’. I try and challenge what others do with the camera by finding interesting angles. I really like the warmth of film (and can shoot a couple rolls of film if you’d like) and I produce photographs that lend to a ‘filmesque’ vibe.

• What gear do you use?
I use Canon camera equipment. For wedding photography and portraits I shoot with multiple full-frame cameras and a mix of Canon prime and zoom lenses.

• Will you travel for our wedding? Interstate? Internationally?
Yes, yes, yes. In a heartbeat. I generally shoot about 15 weddings each year in regional NSW, and also a couple overseas, which means I get to see the world whilst I work.

• We are very camera-shy people. What can you do to help us with this?
My wedding photography shooting style is organic. We go for a walk, talk about stuff, and capture you guys in your element. Just be yourself. I will tell you if something doesn’t look good in camera. I’ll capture a few “mantle-piece” shots for grandma, and then we have some fun with you and your bridal party.

• Our wedding venue wants us to provide our photographer’s insurance details. Do you have insurance?
Yes. I have $20 Million in public liability insurance, and also equipment insurance for all of my camera gear. I can provide certificates of insurance on request.

• How many photographs do you take at our wedding, and how many will we receive?
I average around 100-125 photos per hour. As you can imagine, people sometimes blink in photographs, so I cull out all the bad shots and provide you with all good photographs from the day. This approximates to anywhere between 700 and 1000 images. All images are edited by hand to provide a unique collection (there are no doubles).

• So you’re a photographer, right? What’s with these films or ‘cinema’ thing you mention?
I understand that wedding videos are quite popular, and I also understand that couples often want to remember their wedding day with photography and cinema. I also understand that it can be quite expensive to have both wedding photography and wedding videography on your wedding day, so I have a solution!
Some of my wonderful friends, who are professional independent wedding cinematographers, have come to the rescue and allowed me to add-on wedding cinema to my wedding packages for a special price. The cinema coverage overlaps the photography, which keeps things nice and simple. You get awesome wedding photographs and wedding films, for a relatively affordable additional price. Nice and simple.

• What about printing?
Your final photographs are ready for printing. They will be provided at 300dpi in their maximum sizes available. When you receive your images you can take them wherever you like to have them printed. I also offer professional enlargements and albums. Information can be found on this page.

• Do you produce wedding albums? Can you make an album for us? Can we make our own album?
Yes, absolutely. Firstly, I offer several album styles that fit all budgets. I offer beautifully hand-made albums from Atkins Pro Lab. Additionally, for those who want the premium end of wedding albums, I work with the world’s finest album manufacturer – Queensberry. All of my albums are completely bespoke, and individually hand made. Whilst these albums are an investment, they are truly unique. For more information on my wedding albums, head on over to my albums page. If you are interested in a wedding album, they are included in my ‘Digitial Collection + Album’ package, here, or also available separately after your wedding or portrait session.

• If we book you, will you photograph our wedding or will you organise someone else to do it?
I photograph all weddings myself. Period. The idea behind working with me is that you get my style.

• Do you use a second photographer or assistant?
Generally no, however, it depends on the couple’s requirements. This is because there is a lot of variety between photographers. To get two photographers to shoot in the same style is very tricky, and after trial-and-error, I’ve realised that most clients are actually better off with just one photographer. Firstly, I do the running around between bride and groom preparation to get full coverage (It’s actually quite easy!). Secondly, it’s a lot easier to blend in with your wedding guests when it’s only me, and this is frequently how I capture the most candid, genuine moments. If you choose cinema coverage I photograph your wedding with a cinematographer – side by side. We work together to capture everything. As a result, it’s also a cost saving for you – more money for the honeymoon! Who wants a whole team to turn up to their wedding anyway?

• Do we need to provide you with a meal?
That would be brilliant! I like to have a short break around the time that you are having your mains, this way I’m ready to party with you, camera in hand.

• My Uncle Bob has a nice camera and wants to bring it with him to our wedding and take a few snaps. Is this OK?
Of course it’s OK! Most guests at your wedding will have a smartphone and will take a selfie with you. My only request is that during the important parts of the day, Uncle Bob remains with the crowd and is a little subtle with his photography. Consider having an “unplugged wedding”, which means that all your guests turn their phones off during your ceremony. This way they are focused on celebrating with you and not focused on their cameras.

• How do we book?
Let me check my availability… Give me a call, send me an email, or fill in this form and I’ll be in touch.