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Stand above the crowd with professional tinder photos

Whilst official statistics are a little hard to come by, it is estimated that 53% of Australians meet online through dating websites or through dating apps. This is likely to increase. Indeed, I photograph many weddings where couples have met through either an online match-maker or through apps such as Tinder or Bumble. Whilst there are definitely success stories out there, I have often come across individuals (both males and females) who have not had the favourable outcomes of their peers.

If you have tried your hand at shooting some do-it-yourself dating images (following tips such as those linked here) and want to step up your Tinder game with some professional dating app photos; you have come to the right place!

For those that want to stand above the crowd and start receiving swipes in their favour, read on. In the space of an hour or two, we can capture some really awesome dating images for Tinder that are organic, relaxed and totally natural.

Much like the case for online shopping, males and females browse online dating apps in similar ways – they swipe! This means that first impressions are critical!

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Tips for taking better Tinder dating photos


  1. Involve others out of the frame
  2. Shoot photos of activities rather than static poses
  3. Smile with your eyes
  4. Fake laughs turn real
  5. Do something with your hands
It’s important to present yourself to the camera so that the images are honest and representative.

dating photographs
that get results

I am a Sydney dating app photographer. When it comes to my shooting style, I’d regard myself as an Environmental Portraitist. I find inspiration in the environment and I encourage moments and spontaneity rather than static images. I promote individualism and uniqueness. As you’ll see over on this page, I am a creative that practices candid and natural wedding photography. I carry this same approach into professional dating photos and portrait sessions.

I prefer to shoot portraits outdoors in the natural environment. This works well for professional dating photos because I want to showcase you as yourself; with your colours, textures and story that showcases who you are as a person. I want your personal characteristics to shine through in photographs so that the people viewing your profile quickly understand who you are, and give you the swipes you deserve!

Pricing & Inclusions

Professional dating app photography sessions start with your enquiry. Let us know about the locations and characteristics you have a mind. Consider what type of person you are and how you’d like to be represented in images. This will help to identify the ideal location. From there, tell us how many styles you would like and we book in your session. You’ll walk away with a great collection of images for you to keep.

Our pricing page contains all of the costs for a session. Simply choose a portrait session to start. Then, if you would like additional outfits and styles, or additional locations, simply add on studio session time as shown.

Kind words
from happy clients

I’m delighted that I have been able to help singles find success

I was keen to update my socials, in particular my dating app profiles with some high quality, but natural looking shots so reached out to Peter. The shoot was easy and fun – after talking to me about what I was after, Pete took me a good location with a bit of variety and a relaxed, social vibe. The new pics made a significant difference and I certainly noticed more interest in my profile than before when I just had selfies from my phone. Really happy with the result – thanks Pete!

Jack B


Hi Peter,

I just thought I would let you know that your pictures are working really well for me on Tinder. You really know what you are doing!

Alex R